Manager's Desk

Dear Readers.

"True education unfolds and reveals what is already present in our children. They open themselves in joy just like flowers open themselves to the sun"

In the rapidly changing world the hope of every nation is their children. Education is a soul searching exercise that helps the children to grow physically, mentally and above all spiritually, So the greatest service to the nation is through Education.

“You as the parent want to give your child best if the world. We at “D.B.S Inter College” are committed to develop your child’s fullest potential. The curriculum at the D.B.S Inter College’s is designed to foster intellect, instill a logical, progressive attitude in all its student enabling them to be successful in what they do. By adopting the motto. D.B.S Inter College identifies with its commitment to tap each child’s limitless potential and prepare them to face the challenges of this world.

We seek your continued support and co-operation.

Thanking you
Mr. Mohan Singh